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Apple TV & XBMC

I recently bought the ‘newish’ Apple TV 2, and it’s a brilliant little box. ATV2 actually has fairly limited use in the UK since there are no streaming services supported other than Apples movie rental service. The box therefore just serves as an iTunes streamer from your computer. That is…

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End of an era

I’m a little late tapping out this blog in the wake of recent sad news of Steve Jobs’s death, but I felt I had to blog about the way Apple has change my life for the better. Usually designers have a immediate bond with apple products but I was a…

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My Top 25 iPhone Apps

With three home screens full of apps and folders I thought I’d share a small list of my favourites before I go and splash my cash on an iPhone 5. 1. Tweetbot (£1.79) Took a little getting used to, but I now love this excellent Twitter client. 2. Reeder (£1.79)…

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