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Now I’m Posting From My iPad


Whist I was over in the states I picked myself up the ‘new iPad’ and so far really liking it. Being a designer, most of my work will still be carried out on my laptop of course, but general web browsing I’ll be using the iPad from now on. Here are some of the benefits of using an iPad over the laptop:

Instant on
I know that the current line of MacBooks practically turn on instantly from standby, but for the odd time you shut your computer down do you really want to wait a minute or two to google something?
I have a 15″ laptop and it is quite a weighty beast, the iPad does most of the things I need and I’ll barely notice it in my bag.
I didn’t find this one until today, but I think it’s really useful, especially on larger words that you may not want to type. The microphone button on the keyboard makes it very easy to shout out the odd word, and it does a good job, fast as well.
Battery life
I think my MacBook claims to have 10 hours battery life, but it rarely makes it. The iPad manages it with ease.
Better screen
These days the iPad is much more impressive and higher quality than your standard computer screen.

I’m hoping that this new gadget will help me get cracking with some blogging. We shall see…

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