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End of an era

I’m a little late tapping out this blog in the wake of recent sad news of Steve Jobs’s death, but I felt I had to blog about the way Apple has change my life for the better.

Usually designers have a immediate bond with apple products but I was a very late adopter. Throughout my childhood my schools were kitted out with shiny new apple computers, but I never quite saw the appeal and I always wanted a PC!

My first Apple product was a black iPod Video 30gb (which I still use on my dock), I had owned many MP3 players previously but the Apple scroll-wheel was just too cool to resist. I immediately loved my iPod which without doubt is a design classic and will probably never grow old.

This is when Apple started to grab my attention. Very soon after the iPhone is released, an unbelievably slick touch screen which was just too expensive for me to buy, so unfortunately I decided to upgrade my phone to ‘the next best thing’ a touch screen ‘windows mobile’ *shudder*. For the next 12 months I was constantly stabbing a screen with a slide out pen and installing numerous firmware updates hopping to make it faster/better. When this phone decided to break itself in my pocket, I then swore to myself that from this day onwards I would never settle second best ever again. I knew I wanted an iPhone but I was stuck to my contract so I would have to bide my time.

During the meantime I was also looking out for a new laptop, all I had was a virus ridden Windows Vista desktop. Being a designer I read lots of blogs and they all talked about their macs as if it was a glowing magical box of tricks. I had been secretly admiring the newly designed aluminium MacBook Pro for quite some time, but due to my new motto I had to get one! Being the cautious type I did a little research over at which informed me that there would be an EVEN MORE AWESOME Macbook Pro released very soon. For the first time ever I was actually getting excited about a laptop. Waiting for the updated MacBook became one of the longest waits of my life (the longest ever time between MacBook refreshes) I became almost obsessed as I awaited the announcement by the man himself Steve Jobs.

I had always been of the opinion that a room full of people clapping and wooping about products just seemed a little too american for me. But I was fascinated with Jobs, people looked at him like god, he even spoke with the confidence of god, I had to find out more. After reading Steve’s wikipedia entry I couldn’t help respect this guy. He’d saved Apple from the brink by negotiating with huge rival Bill Gates, now Apple stand as the largest company in the world, having released many iconic and innovative products. All seemingly down to one man and his vision. Steve was also a master of the slideshow presentation, he stands on stage watched by the faces of several hundred adoring fans, and he beams with delight knowing that his newest product is cool. If you’ve never watched the man present, you should.

After watching Steve stroll the stage demonstrating how much better the new MacBook Pro was than its predicessor, I was worried that when I finally got my hands on one it would be a disappointment, but far from it, it blew me away, it looked amazing, it was lightning fast and a joy to use, I couldn’t even throw away the box because its so beautiful.

Then comes the iPhone 4 I was now a fanboy and queuing on release day outside the phone shop to make sure I can get my hands on one, and just as Jobs said, it was amazing.

So far all Apple products give me the same feeling, joy, and neither of them have they grown old. Steve Jobs has definately made my world a happier place, and it’s sad to think that he’s gone. I prey that his soul still lives on in Apple and they continue to release products that make millions of people like me happy.

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