My Top 25 iPhone Apps

With three home screens full of apps and folders I thought I’d share a small list of my favourites before I go and splash my cash on an iPhone 5.

1. Tweetbot (£1.79)
Took a little getting used to, but I now love this excellent Twitter client.

2. Reeder (£1.79)
Reeder is a great RSS app for Google Reader. If your like me and have hundreds of articles to reader per day, this app is for you.

3. Instacast (£1.79)
I’m surprised how few podcasting apps are on the App Store considering that you cannot download them with the iTunes app, Instacast is definately the pick of the bunch.

4. Instapaper (£2.99)
Instapaper is a free online services where you can store webpages to read at your leisure. Instapaper strips out style sheets to leave you with an easy to read page.

5. AroundMe (Free)
AroundMe finds the nearest Cash Machine, Coffee Shop, Bar, or Hospital. This app is bound to come in useful at some point.

6. Facebook (Free)
Maybe not the greatest app, but it still gets a lot of use.

7. Camera+ (£0.69)
The stock iPhone camera does the job, but if your after added effects and photo tweaks then you won’t get any better than Camera+. Worth every penny.

8. RunKeeper (free)
On my old Windows Mobile I used SportyPal to log my runs, but this is far better.

9. Photovine (free)
There’s something about the ease of taking pictures on the iPhone that turns everyone into a budding photographer. Photovine is perfect to demonstrate your abilities in a fun way.

10. Cut The Rope (£0.69)
A superb game from Chillingo, very well designed and a joy to play.

11. Angry Birds (£0.69)
The most popular iPhone game ever? An absolute bargain for the hours of fun you can have.

12. Doodle Jump (£0.69)
This game is perfect, I keep coming back to it.

13. Wunderlist (Free)
Fantastic simple list app that syncs wirelessly to a free desktop app.

14. Jetpack Joyride (£0.69)
This has been floating around the App Store top 25 for a couple of months now, once I gave it a try I was hooked!

15. NatWest (Free)
Until recently the Nat West banking app was terrible, now it is slick and adds more functionality.

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